Music is a source of joy and passion and learning how to play the piano develops incredible cognitive, emotional, physical and organisational skills which have far-reaching benefits.


We consider it a privilege to teach your child how to play the piano and we are determined to provide your child with the highest quality of tuition.



We make learning fun by inspiring your child with positive reinforcement, interactive activities and games. 


Our highest form of reward is when we see your child constantly improve and successfully achieve all their goals.

Our Philosophy

We believe music is life and the piano its soul.

Every child should have the opportunity to tap into their musical ability.

Every child can learn to play the piano and it takes the right teacher to inspire them to reach their potential.

Every child should receive personalised lessons to suit their capability and needs.

Every child should receive lessons that motivate them to achieve their goals.

Every child should feel safe in their learning environment.

Our Mission

To create our future pianists.

Our Approach


Your child will develop their piano skills by working on the 4 fundamental areas of piano playing simultaneously:

  1. Piano Technique: developing their finger strength, agility and independence. Specially developed piano exercises and all other necessary technical work is provided according to your child’s current level of progress.
  2. Mind: developing their speed of reading and playing the music score.
  3. Memory and Concentration:  increasing their attention span, focus, concentration and memory abilities.
  4. Heart and soul: unlocking their creative side through expression of feelings and emotions while playing the piano; imagining and emotional contexts of music.

We make learning simple by making it a fun and enjoyable process.  We encourage children to express themselves naturally and we give them confidence to explore their ideas safely.